Shutting Down OR Making Site Private..........................

We are planning on Shutting down the website or maybe making this website Private.
You may be wondering why?
because our user base is dropped like skydive. so we see no reason for updating the website every day with new content because there is no one who will be coming to download the Stuff.

Well, all has not decided YET. We might keep the website Up and Running but only Allow the access to our Friends and some others.

Well if you want to help in any way to keep the site running. "we are not asking for money" well you can simply Share the website or any Movie or show with others. that's all we are asking.

we'll see what happens till then


Working On Other languages....

we are working on other languages to be added into the player so you guys can easily have the access to whichever language you like.

this Process might take some time but I believe we will be able to achieve it in no time till then please use the links below the player to get the other language links.


LOL 😂.................

well, you won't believe what was the issue.

so we do update our password for everything constantly and due to that our API password was updated when we had changed our password.

so we weren't sure what was that caused that error. well, finally we found it and laughed like for a minute. and then fixed it.

Error in player.....

we are having some issues with our player and we are working on it to resolve ass soon as possible.

we will update with any other information.

How to Download ?

So a lot of you ask on how to download or having issues with the download.

below is a brief overview of how to download.

When you are at the desired "Stuff" page you go ahead click on the download button.

remember the download button below the player might not work so, I would suggest you use the player download button.

Remember Player only contain the English Language "Stuff" if you desire other languages look below the player for other links.

with that out of the way now follow the steps. in these steps, we will be doing the player download but the other one is the same.

Just Fished with the Touch ups.....

So, just finished with the player and the download features and now its working for FireFox as well.

As usual, there are no popup ads placed by us. a very friendly download process. let us know if we should do some tweaks.

New Player.......

We added a new player to our website with will help is secure our stuff as well as make it more easy to make it available for you. and say goodbye to those old broken links....

some of our users said that they are having trouble with the player on firefox. we are working to resolve that issue.

will make a post again when the issue is fixed